Kill, Marry, F… : VR Headset Edition

VR is at a weird, uncomfortable phase of its evolution. It’s not quite the next big thing, nor is it a dead parrot. And yet, the leaders in the industry have announced a new generation of headsets, each of which pushes the medium in a very different direction. The situation has left both would-be adopters … Read moreKill, Marry, F… : VR Headset Edition

Nest: The One Google Product I Can’t Abandon

I’ve never been Google’s biggest fan. Ask Mrs. Gremlin, and you’ll learn that my anti-Google tirades are frequent and annoying. I don’t use Google Maps, Gmail, or even Google Search when I can avoid it. Yet somehow, I’ve been using two thermostats by Nest (a Google/Alphabet subsidiary) for over five years. That’s how much I … Read moreNest: The One Google Product I Can’t Abandon

Recommended PC Builds (2019 Edition)

For those considering building your own PC (which I highly recommend), I’ve created these recommended builds with various uses and goals in mind. These part sets have been devised to maximize performance per dollar, compatability, and minimal bottlenecking (where a cheap part restricts performance of more expensive components). If you’d like to know more about … Read moreRecommended PC Builds (2019 Edition)

Apple Watch: What Is It Good For?

The Apple Watch is a weird product. It’s expensive, almost all of its features mimic functionality of smartphones, and at its core, it’s reinventing a personal accessory widely viewed by (most) technophiles as an anachronism. It’s also my favorite tech gadget ever. Here’s why: A Cure for Digital Addiction Syndrome Touch the side button to … Read moreApple Watch: What Is It Good For?

Life with a Roomba 960 (A Review)

For the last few years, the Gremlin has followed the development of robotic vacuums with some interest. Any piece of technology that removes or mitigates a daily life annoyance is something I enthusiastically embrace, but until three months ago, I had avoided the Roomba. Why? Because every Roomba owner I knew seemed distinctly “meh” about … Read moreLife with a Roomba 960 (A Review)

Why Oculus Quest ISN’T the future of VR

During Oculus’ most recent Oculus Connect 5 event, the company announced a product some pundits are hailing as the turning point for VR hardware. At a glance, Oculus Quest appears to be exactly what everyone has been asking for out of VR. Priced at $400, it provides room-scale tracking (scaling up to vast multi-room experiences … Read moreWhy Oculus Quest ISN’T the future of VR

Apple Event September 2018

Those of you’ve been keeping up with the Gremlin’s antics know that he’s a long time fan of the much famed fruit corporation, and that he worked behind the Genius bar for a few years. Today, the Gremlin’s back to give you his take on Apple’s latest announcement event. As there’s approximately 30000054 articles about … Read moreApple Event September 2018

How to Build the Ultimate Sim-Pit

Warning, this guide may lead to domestic unrest, disinterest in the real world, and supreme joy. The first time the Gremlin saw pictures of a home made cockpit, he immediately filed it into his mental drawer of cool stuff he would never do. It seemed impractical, expensive, and unnecessary. That was then. He’s since built … Read moreHow to Build the Ultimate Sim-Pit

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Networking *(But Were Afraid to Ask)

Even for many seasoned technophiles, networking is bugaboo territory. Sure, we all know the basics. Put the WiFi router in a good spot. Use a secure password. Restart said router every six months when the internet craps out. But going the extra mile on setting up your network will make all the difference in speed … Read moreEverything You Always Wanted to Know About Networking *(But Were Afraid to Ask)

The Ultimate Joystick Guide

In the last few years, the flight sim genre has awoken from years of dormancy, as gamers flocked to epic experiences like Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, War Thunder, and others. These titles basically mandate the use of a competent joystick, and yet most of your buying options are years old, and lack a set of … Read moreThe Ultimate Joystick Guide